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Homeshare is an exciting new programme run by Community Connections. It offers a simple but effective way of meeting people’s housing and support needs. Though new to the ACT, Homeshare is a proven method of supporting people to live independently in their community.

How it works:-

Homeshare is a way of bringing together two people – both with a set of needs. The person with a disability is the householder who needs someone in the home to offer them support (usually around 10 hours per week) and the homesharer is a person without disability who needs somewhere affordable to live. 

 Homeshare works on a reciprocal principle – the householder provides reduced rent / no rent accommodation in exchange for the companionship and pre specified support need provided by the homesharer.

 It’s designed to be a mutually empowering arrangement with both parties being valued for the resources they exchange to meet each other’s needs.

The exact nature of the arrangement will vary according to circumstance but it’s commonly expected that the homesharer gets a private bedroom and uses shared household facilities in exchange for services such as 10 hours provision a week of agreed help, by being at home by 6.30 at least four nights per week and being there for example three weekends out of four.

Agreed help might include things like shopping, transport, meal preparation, cleaning or laundry. It does not include personal care and administering medication. Homesharers do not do the jobs of carers or paid support workers.

Community Connections role:-

We promote the service by marketing it across the relevant sectors to find the people to be householders and sharers. We then at no cost to you, do the necessary police checks, look for compatibility and match the householders with homesharers. We establish the Homeshare agreement and provide ongoing support and monitoring throughout the period of the relationship. We will assist if need be in finding accommodation but we are not a housing agency.


Interested in hearing more?

Contact:  Lee Harrison or Ian Ross at Community Connections on 02 6296 1133

 Email:     lee@comcons.org.au 

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