Supporting People With Disabilities in Canberra

Community Connections is a small Canberra based Coordination and Plan Management service that specialises in providing personalised services that assist the people we support to find valued roles, enhance natural support networks, minimise dependence on paid services, and maximise inclusion in our community

How Do We Do This?

We achieve our goals in a number of ways, including by:
  • Listening to each person's unique needs and aspirations
  • Identifying strengths
  • Developing a goal plan for each individual supported
  • Identifying unpaid relationships in the lives of individuals
  • Minimising reliance on paid support
  • Exploring or creating opportunities for positive relationships
  • Fostering community inclusion for people with disabilities
If you have a disability, we can provide a wealth of information and resources in your local community. Though this, we hope to connect you with your community with work, recreation and pleasure activities.

Celebrating Cultural Differences

At CCI, we celebrate cultural differences. We can support your specific needs in the following ways:
  • Arrange for an interpreter to be at a meeting
  • Seek assistance from an interpreter from the Deafness Resource Centre
  • Arrange for support from a cultural representative of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander group



Coordinators act as an ally for people with a disability and their families. They work to facilitate the independence of people with a disability at home and in the community. In delivering this service Community Connections aims to:
  • Build each person’s independence and minimise their dependence on paid services.
  • Enhance freely given relationships and the capacity of natural networks.
  • Create individualised and culturally appropriate supports around each person that foster their community inclusion.
  • Empower people to direct and make informed decisions about their own lives and the way that they are supported. 
  • Support people to have a high degree of influence over the design and implementation of their services.
  • Develop sustainable alternatives to congregated or segregated options.
A Coordinator works to:
  • Develop effective relationships with the person and their family
  • Assist the person to develop goals and plans
  • Support the person to implement their plans, and then
  • Exit the relationship once the goals are achieved and sustainable
Community Connections Coordinators work to an average ratio of one Coordinator to approximately 16 people supported. Community Connections provides short and long-term case coordination/intervention.

 Plan Management
As Plan Manager, we provide practical assistance to set up paid services in accordance with your NDIS plan and to develop processes to ensure that the plan is implemented in a way that is safe, effective, and sustainable.  Once services are established, our role is to track and manage the payment of bills, including checking all invoices to ensure that they are valid and in accordance with your plan.

Community Connections Plan Management services are always delivered in conjunction with Coordination services and by the same person (ie: the Coordinator will also be the Plan Manager).  The Plan Manager is supported by a finance team who support the management of accounts and payments.

The plan manager's role will initially be focused on setting up services.  This includes;
  • Developing a service agreement with you
  • Learning your preferences and priorities for how your plan will be put into effect
  • Identifying your preferences for validating invoices
  • Developing a budget for your plan
  • Negotiating services on your behalf
  • Developing agreements with and purchasing arrangements with providers
  • Setting up files and records
Once the plan is established the Plan Managers role will include:
  • Recording invoices received in our financial management system
  • Validating invoices with you (did you get the services you have been charged)
  • Seeking resolution to invoicing errors
  • Payment of invoices
  • Claiming for services from the NDIA
  • Quarterly reconciliation of accounts
  • Account keeping and administration
Please contact us for the current Rates and Charges schedule


To find out more about our specialised disability support services, call us now on (02) 6296 1133
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